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Bridesmaid’s Gifts that Keep on Giving…

Bridesmaid's Gifts that Keep on Giving...
I often have brides ask me for ideas or advice on gifts for their bridal party. Now usually, the guys know EXACTLY what they want to give and don't need any help, but the ladies always wants some ideas. I always say, why not give them gifts that keep on giving? I compiled a list of things that would be wonderful gifts to give these special people that have taken t[...]

Glam Hallo-Wedding Inspiration

Glam Hallo-Wedding Inspiration
       Save the Date via Atelier Isabey Some might be shocked to hear this, but I do not care for Halloween. I know! How can that be?! It's an excuse to throw a party, I should be all over it!! But it's true. Honestly, I hate Halloween, even as a kid I hated it. The costumes, the candy, the parties - I don't care for it. BUT, I am in the business of parties, so I c[...]