Helpful Tips: Capturing the Details!

When ordering your invitations, it’s important to remember a few key people, namely, your photographer and cinematographer. You’ve worked so hard on all the tiny details of your wedding, and you want to ensure that they are captured for you to see for years to come. In fact, celebrity photographer Elizabeth Messina highly recommends this idea to her clients. She says “If my clients send me an invitation before the wedding, I can shoot it before hand and have it handy on the day of the event to shoot at their wedding.” Yes, it might cost more for you to have these additional invitations created, but the end result is worth it, to have these memories forever. Be sure to provide your planner with the invitations as well as other pieces you want to have photographed or shot. This will ensure that they will be given to them beforehand. If you aren’t working with a planner, be sure to discuss this with your photographer/cinematographer and mail it out to them when you mail out all your other invitations.

Tennessee based photographer Leslee Mitchell also adds “Having invitation pictures helps get the wedding featured, since wedding blogs love details more than anything else”. She also says “It is very important to send the full invitation, including all the pieces, not just the invite”. And “There is a small chance someone at the wedding will actually have their invitation on them, but it will most likely be bent or in the bottom of someone’s purse” Don’t put it off till the day of the wedding, because so many small details fall thru the cracks when you are stressed out or nervous on your wedding day! Also, remember, you should always order at least 20 extra invitations as back-up!

Check out these gorgeous images from photographer Leslee Mitchell

Happy Planning!

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    would you mind telling me who designed the antler arch invitation please!