From Bridesmaid Dress to Little Black Dress!

Ladies, FINALLY, an answer to the question “What will I do with it (bridesmaid dress) after the wedding?”

Enter, Newlymaid! This company takes your used bridesmaid dress and gives you credit towards a new little black dress. Yes, it’s that simple! Literally four (4) steps! Search your closet, send them a bridesmaid dress (they will even send you a pre-paid mailer), they inspect it and add the money to your account, then you log-on and shop for a new dress! How easy is that?!  You might ask what will happen to your old dress – well, some are broken down and used to create new yarn and others are donated to charity. Either way, I love it!  head over to their website and check it out!They are even offering free shipping both ways for a limited time! Katherine Heigl would have LOVED this!

Hello empty closet space, make way for my new little black dresses!! Check them out on facebook as well, they are giving away a free ruffled clutch!