Ceiling Treatments


I often get calls from clients looking for venues for their special event, and the first complaint is normally, it’s just too plain…I mean, in real life, not all venues have gorgeous chandeliers. Sad, I know.  And, most people do not look at the “plain” venue as a blank slate/clean canvas to make it truly yours. The beauty of the boring venue is that you can make it your dream venue. Lighting, draping, new tables, new chairs, gorgeous florals and CEILING TREATMENTS! Yes! Ceiling treatments, when your guests walk in, they see the whole picture, not one little tiny piece of the beautiful puzzle, but the whole room, so why not wow them from TOP to bottom?! Here are a few of my favorite ideas that include champagne glasses, streamers, ribbon, fabric, paper pinwheels and slinky’s! Enjoy!

To look at it in a picture is one thing, but to witness it in person was something totally different. This was what The Breakers design team put together for the closing night gala at Engage!10 last year. The champagne glasses hung from ribbon and the people on stilts would cut them down for you to have some champagne. So not only was it a gorgeous ceiling treatment, but also functional, not to mention that the wait staff didn’t have to walk around with trays of champagne, but only with the champagne itself!

        Photos via Mel and Co.

The paper pinwheels give this ski resort such a fun & whimsical feeling. Exposed beams are gorgeous, but not always perfect for a wedding reception, this was a great cover-up.

        Photo via Rebekah Westover Photography

Fabric draping is probably the most popular ceiling treatment out there and it really makes a statement when the space has an amazing chandelier. Fret not, if your venue doesn’t have an amazing chandelier, one can be added for your special event. The treatment on the right would be fun for a baby shower, or a young adult event, it can also work for a wedding as well, but the streamers scream young adult to me.  Sweet 16maybe? Bar Mitzvah? Prom?…. Still totally transforms the space!

And NOTHING screams fun like slinky’s hanging from the ceiling! This would be perfect for a themed event. Definitely a Bar/Bat mitzvah, Sweet 16 or a Quinceanera!
        Photo via Jamie K Photography

What do you think? Will you try a ceiling treatment for your special event?


  • Ashleigh said:

    I love your slinky ceiling decor! I am planning a corporate event in California. I'm unsure of the mechanics of this decoration, but is it something we could do ourselves? Or do you ship your decorations? If not, would you know of any places similar in California? Any information you have on how I can plan this for my event would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!